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I'm Robert Herrmann-Keeling (Ph.D.), director of the LifeCourse Institute. I've been counseling individuals, couples, families, and groups for almost 50 years. I'm good at it.

 Now I Want You . . .

·      *  to be happier, more successful, and more effective in your daily living . . .

 ·  *  to understand yourself and be more confident in all that you do . . .

·   *  to set and achieve reachable goals . . .

 *  to become the best you can be in the time that is left to you.


I can help you do that using LEAP On-Line!


Several decades ago I developed a way to help my clients learn a lot about themselves in just ten one-hour sessions. It saved them both time and money. I then used LEAP in adult education classes, pastoral counseling training, and one my live TV talk show.

LEAP (the LifeCourse Effective Action Program) is based on the Individual Psychology of Dr. Alfred Adler, the most influential approach since 1902. You may not know his name, but you know his ideas: Inferiority complex, reverse psychology, birth order, sibling rivalry, life style, social interest, line of movement, and more.

He pioneered marriage counseling, family therapy, group therapy, and parenting education. He worked with Freud (1902 - 1911) and then left to offer his own approach, which is now the basis for nearly every form of counseling today. Learn about him at

Alfred Adler
1870 - 1937
LEAP On-Line Notebook of
275 large pages to use as you prepare for our weekly sessions


We’ve known for over 4,000 years that
Adults live their grown-up lives as if they were still children!

By age five we'd created the Patterns we'd need to manage everything that happened to us.

And then we carried them into adulthood, thinking...

If they worked when I was 4 or 5, they’ll work when I’m 40 or 50!”

 But they don’t work when we’re 40 or 50!


Childhood’s ways are too small for grown-up life.

(It's like trying to wear childhood's clothes on our adult body!)

They limit us to the child we were,
and stop us from becoming the person we ca
n be ! !

Adler discovered how childhood patterns limit us as adults.

I organized his ideas and methods into the LifeCourse Effective Action Program, to help adult understand and change the patterns of the LifeCourse.

You can take advantage of Adler's and my work to become a happier, more effective person!

The Patterns of YOUR LifeCourse . . .

[1] Family influences present at your birth to shape who you'd become... [2] Parental examples of what grown-ups are like... [3] Numerical and psycho-social place among your siblings...[4] The 2.3 million childhood events in your first five years that govern all the rest...[5] Seeking affection, attention, approval, control, fairness, and help in order to belong and feel significant.... [6] How you give meaning to everything and decide how to think, feel, and act... [7] your Core beliefs about self, love, others/community, work, world, mystery/limits... [8] Going astray by defeating yourself, by Private Logic, and by your Mistaken Mission for your life... [9] Your ideal images of yourself, partner, children, work, friends, and more to judge your progress in life... [10] How you still use childhood's ways to solve problems, make decisions, manage a crisis, set and seek goals...your Master Action Pattern (MAP) is all your Patterns together like a giant atlas, to guide you through the territory of your life...and your Practice Task is a current decision, problem, or question you will choose to apply what you learn about each Pattern.


LEAP On-Line

*  LEAP On-Line is ten one-hour weekly sessions on the internet, using Skype Video so we can see and hear each other...just like in my counseling room.

*  You prepare for each session using a 275 page LEAP On-Line Notebook that I email you. (You print it at home, punch it, and put it in your own 3-ring binder.)

*  The fee for LEAP On-Line is only $350 for the ten one-hour sessions, the notebook and other material, and three additional (free) half-hour session to complete anything that was unfinished in the last session


To enroll in LEAP On-Line

*  Email me at and say you are interested in enrolling.

*   I email you back, we chat about details.

*  If you pay the fee through Pay Pal, and I send you the notebook...and we're off!

You must have Skype to do LEAP On-Line!

You must have SKYPE (free at, plus audio/video. I use a Logitech web cam HD C510 with a built-in mike, so no headphones. Sharp picture too! At $50, it’s a real good deal. You can talk with others who have Skype anywhere in the world...for free! — 860-345-3204